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L&W 700 ES II

The newest breathing air compressor from L&W

Introducing the L&W 700 ES II a sturdy, powerful high pressure compressor with an emphasis on sound insulation to reduce noise, making it perfect for commercial, sales and residential applications. This machine operates at a mere 70 decibels, making it only as loud as some vacuum cleaners.

The 700 is designed for continuous running and a long lifespan, featuring a 10 litre condensate collection tank, and a highly efficient pre-separator unit which improves the lifespan of the filter cartridge considerably. New innovative condensate valves also limit the pressure drops during condensation cycles, ensuring enhanced profitability. 

Armoured Safety Filling Cabinet – Protect Yourself and Your Equipment

With the new L&W safety filling cabinet, the filling process is completely safe and without danger. The L&W safety filling cabinet is the affordable alternative to an explosion-proof hopper. In the case of an exploding bottle our solid steel armor protects you against the lethal shrapnel.

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